Teens, Learning and AP Classes: You’re Doing It All Wrong

The research will blow your mind.


A teen wearing glasses clenches a pencil in her teeth while looking at a computer
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Hey parents! Got a teen? A teen who’s drowning in anxiety? An anxious teen who’s taking a bunch of high-level classes?

We’ve gotta talk.

When parents reach out to me for life coaching for their teen, they share what they perceive as their child’s greatest struggle. The number one concern: academics. The specifics vary, but they’re usually one of the big four:

  • lack of motivation
  • failure to turn in work
  • disappointing grades
  • avoidance through gaming or social media

When these parents’ kids come to coaching sessions, they cite a different primary issue: massive anxiety. Which, when the kid is in a bunch of high-level classes, makes perfect sense. They’re anxious because they’re trying to do the impossible.

For everyone but the smallest percentage of students, getting all As in a bunch of honors, AP or IB classes is literally not doable. The research explains why. This will blow your mind, but also duh, why didn’t we all realize it?

Research shows students learn best when they focus their efforts on the subjects they most care about — the ones they, personally, view as important for their…



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